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Singapore sports need to embrace Virtual Reality



The Singapore Rugby Sevens was nothing short of amazing, but many rugby fans globally were unable to enjoy the events live and up close. 

Compare this to the Hong Kong Rugby where fans in Hong Kong enjoyed live coverage in virtual reality (VR), thanks to Ideal Systems and PCCW Global.

This immersive viewing experience is something that local broadcasters, tech companies and sports organisations should consider for future sports events.

Broadcasters must understand that their main profit driver — the sports audience — is hungry to get closer to the game and the action.

It is about being at the best seat in the stadium, courtside and the locker rooms, and having close-up views of their favourite players.

This is where VR plays a crucial role in providing that immersive experience.

VR technology could make sports viewing a more meaningful experience for those who want to be near the action but are unable to travel long distances or pay a hefty price to witness large sporting events.

Apart from consumers, it could open the door to new forms of brand exposure for companies, translating into new advertising and sponsorship channels for traditional broadcasters.

Plugged into a headset and immersed in the world of VR, audiences are also less distractible, which is the winning ingredient in today’s multiscreen world.

VR has been making the local news lately, but it has yet to manifest its full potential in sports.

As VR technology evolves at exponential speed, it would be interesting to see how it changes the game, literally and metaphorically, for the next few Rugby Sevens tournaments.

These thoughts were originally published by TodayOnline. ARVR would like to thank the source.

360 Experiences

Man City continue to lead 360 content creation in football




Manchester City, in collaboration with Jaunt created a new 360° VR fan experience that allowed fans to get closer to the matchday action at the Etihad Stadium.

The immersive video captures different moments of the matchday experience and displays them in 360° cinematic virtual reality. Providing exclusive access to the players’ changing room and a first-hand look as the players arrive on the Blue Carpet, whilst also showcasing all the people involved in delivering unforgettable football moments, the digital fan experience is a can’t miss for football fans the world over.

The immersive VR content, the first full football matchday experience available on Jaunt’s VR platform, was filmed using Jaunt’s award-winning Jaunt ONE camera and premium VR technology. Using the highest quality stereo VR for an incredible viewpoint, the VR experience immerses fans in the heart of the action and gives them an authentic, behind-the-scenes look at the matchday atmosphere in the Etihad Stadium.

Diego Gigliani, Senior Vice-President of Media and Innovation for City Football Group said:

“There’s nothing that compares with attending a match at the Etihad Stadium, but the emergence of 360 video and virtual reality has allowed us to capture some of that atmosphere and excitement in ways that weren’t possible in the past. As our fan base continues to grow, both within the UK and globally, we want all of our fans to get a taste for what it’s like to be at the Etihad Stadium – from cheering in the stands and watching players line up in the tunnel to welcoming the team off the bus and standing by-side with the stewards ensuring the crowd’s safety.”

“We hope this pilot on the Jaunt platform reaches both existing and new fans, and reaffirms our commitment to exploring innovative ways of using VR to enhancing the fan experience to Manchester City fans, near and far.”

Dominic Collins, General Manager, EMEA, Jaunt VR, added:

“Working with a prestigious football club like Manchester City has been an amazing experience. The club is the perfect embodiment of the modern football club, and this is a further example of its commitment to innovation in sport.

“The Manchester City Match Day experience perfectly showcases what can be achieved with modern VR, and complements the fast-paced and passion-filled nature of Premier League football. VR is a new opportunity to engage with hundreds of millions of sports fans across the world, many of whom would otherwise never have the opportunity to experience a sports game at this level.”

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