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VR/AR Gambling Conference: An interview with their project manager Olga Grigorievskaya



On April 3 2017, Prague will host VR/AR Gambling Conference – an event dedicated to practical solutions for applying VR and AR technologies in the gambling business. The event will anchor a conference engaging VR market leaders and house a demo zone presenting innovative VR gambling solutions.

Exhibitors I-mmersive, a key European manufacturer of virtual reality equipment and software from Berlin and Advir, the first programmatic network for AR and VR advertising along with key speakers in the VR gambling niche like Alexandre Tomic, the creator of the first VR online casino.

ARVR caught up with Olga Grigorievskaya, the Project Manager of the VR/AR Gambling Conference, who gave us a glimpse of what to expect at the first conference.

ARVR: Let us know a little bit about how the AR/VR Gambling Conference started

Olga Grigorievskaya: The relevance of the virtual and augmented reality is beyond any doubts. I believe that VR|AR is a new stage in the society development. A total sum of virtual reality bets will increase from £47 million (in 2016) almost up to £423 million by 2021, according to Juniper Research.

A lot of casinos have already taken steps of implementing VR technologies into their products in order to occupy the VR market niche. For instance, Microgaming has developed a VR roulette table and a fully operating VR casino. Such solutions can be related to rapidly growing popularity of VR. And many specialists predict that it will become a kind of an everyday thing pretty soon.

So we decided to create a platform for expert communication and qualitative development of the sphere of VR/AR in gambling.

ARVR: What can we expect from the upcoming event this April?

We are looking forward to fruitful networking, interesting unique presentations from the speakers, involving more target audience and increasing in the number of interesting VR/AR projects.

Olga Grigorievskaya: You are one of the few AR/VR events in Central Europe. What can you tell us about the choice of location and the AR/VR situation in the Czech Republic?

VR/AR Gambling Conference is the very first global specialized event in regard to the topic. There are several venues, but they are mostly local events or subpanels of conferences. Our conference sets itself an ambitious goal to bring this communication to a new level.

We’ve chosen European location because the USA/Canadian sector has already hit stride concerning VR/AR while central Europe is the latent zone of development in this segment.

Furthermore, it’s difficult to find more beautiful city than Prague, so we would like our guests from Europe and America to get not only the knowledge, but also the pleasure from traveling.

ARVR: Could you share the short- and long-term goals of the AR/VR Gambling Conference?

Olga GrigorievskayaShort-term goal is to become a platform for business interaction that will lead to professional development and effective business monetising for all participants in the sphere in the long span.

ARVR: Gambling is one of, if not the main theme of your conference. Could you let us know what made you single out this particular niche?

Smile-Expo Company has been organizing large business events for over 10 years, focusing on innovations. One of our keynote and the most successful projects is Russian Gaming Week focused on gambling. We accumulated best practices in such projects as InnoTech, Robotics Expo, AR Conference, Internet of Things, and many others to take a new step forward to better market understanding.

We comprehend the market demand on high quality events, so all interested people are welcome!

Olga Grigorievskaya: What impact you believe AR/VR tech will have on the gambling industry? To the greatest extent possible, because AR/VR is what moves gambling to a qualitatively new level.

Quoting our speaker, Amir Ebrahimi, principal software engineer at Unity Technologies: “VR and AR are relevant in many industries, including gambling. No other medium can provide this level of immersion currently. Consider this — flipping through cards in your hand or moving chips with your real hands in VR or getting a tailored casino experience from some of the largest casinos around the world in the comfort of your home.

ARVR: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us and answer these questions. Do you have any other upcoming events within Augmented or Virtual Reality Technologies?

If you do, could you tell us a little more about them?

Olga GrigorievskayaIn the near future, the fourth innovative conference dedicated to augmented and virtual reality technologies – “AR Conference” – will take place in Russia and throughout the CIS. The third Ukrainian forum of innovative technologies – InnoTech Ukraine – also includes VR zone, same as the In Space forum.

ARVR: Last question, and the one we ask all of our guests – what’s your favourite AR/VR Experience so far?

Olga GrigorievskayaAt the Ice Totally Gaming 2016 exhibition, NetEnt has shown its VR game – Jack and the Beanstalk. It combines a fantastic computer world with dimensional sound, enhancing experience of being a part of this world.

Lucky VR, a developer of gambling video games, has shown for the first time a demo version of blackjack with a voice recognition system and opportunity of transferring into virtual gambling space using Oculus Rift DK2. The company is also working on creating VR slots.

But the most exciting for me was the project of SlotsMillion, this company was the first to launch a VR casino. Using OculusRift glasses, gamblers could attend a futuristic venue and play slots. I am proud to announce that creator of the first VR online casino, cofounder of Alea and SlotsMillion Alexandre Tomic is also among the speakers of VR/AR Gambling Conference. I’m looking forward to hearing his presentation!

At the VR/AR Gambling Conference, each participant will be able to become a part of already implemented VR casino projects, test latest VR/AR innovations and products. Among demo zone participants of the conference will be such companies as Berlin-based VR hardware and software company I-mmersive; Advir, a platform allowing advertisers to serve non-disruptive ads in VR/AR, and lots of others. Every visitor will have an opportunity to choose his favourite AR/VR project.


You can find out more about the VR/AR Gambling Conference on our events page found here.

You can also reach the official website for the event at

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